Ruby esta aqui...reporting semi-live (9 hours ahead of Portland) from Barcelona!  Goodness what a trip and goodness has it been a feast for my curious eyes thus far.  When I'm not working at my tiny desk on my tiny stool next to my tiny lamp and my tiny cup of water, I'm out in these streets rambling down ramblas soaking it in like a true sponge.

One mission I had to take care of fairly quickly upon my arrival was to buy a pair of shoes.  I didn't want to bring too many bags so...I only brought ONE PAIR OF SHOES with me, thinking "Hey, I need a new pair of boots for winter so why not wait 'till Spain and get some Spanish boots of Spanish leather?" 

But before I show off my new kicks, I would like to explain my philosophy on design.  To put it simply, I don't like a lot of stuff and I try to live my life by owning the least amount of stuff as possible.  To that end, I like to buy things that are well designed, well made, easy on the earth, and long lasting.  So I was hoping to hit at least three of these standards when buying my new boots.  Keeping that in mind...enter Urban Shepherds.

They are made here in Barcelona by a guy named Tiago Maximo (I'm not even kidding).  The upper is Spanish cow leather and the tongue is super soft lambs leather so it won't cut into your leg while you break them in (good design!).

The sole is made from recycled tires, a detail I love (ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I walk A LOT so I love the idea that now I too have a good pair of tires underneath me).  I bought the wax they recommended buying with the boots, which makes the leather on the boots look so much richer, as well as water resistant.  I put in some elbow grease and look at these babies now...

They have some great pictures on their their Facebook page of the display they had at ALGODESIGN, the design studio/store where I purchased them.  And be sure to check out their online store where you can see how nicely the boots age, as well as the two other case you now need a pair of your own.

I'm off to start breaking them in...



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