Tech Packs

Once the design is complete, we need to translate it into a blueprint that a manufacturer or sample maker can easily understand. This information guideline is called a tech pack and enables a manufacturer to price and construct the garment to our standards. A tech pack consists of two components, the first being a technical line drawing of your garment, with front views, back views, and necessary specifics such as interior and side construction, stitching and intricate detailing. The second component is a spreadsheet, where we outline all aspects of the garment with the exact design requirements for measurements, raw materials, color, construction method, and crucial design elements. The more detailed the tech pack, the better.

The tech pack is our quality control and an indispensable tool. We will create your tech pack to be crystal clear, specifying all the data needed to accurately transform your design into the tangible product you envision.


Fit & Wear Testing

Beta is the state of improvement. The point of working toward something better.

Through fit and wear testing, we make certain that any new products we design and develop upend expectations of quality and performance. We recognize that creating a trusted product with a loyal following is essential in today’s highly competitive market. Ensuring excellence from the start results in a long-wearing, superior brand that savvy consumers come back to again and again.


Sizing & Grading

Fit is essential; thereby, it is important to have a process that ensures clothing will look and work well on many body types. We begin the development process with a base pattern, typically in a median size. Once we perfect its fit, we scale that base size up or down, to all the various sizes you will offer, a process known as grading.

Building this size set entails designing each size precisely right, down to the millimeter, and then testing it for fit and functionality. Having a size set gives you an opportunity to see, feel, and wear your product in the full range of sizes. 

As you’ve personally experienced, there are no standardized rules for sizing. One label’s medium may vary significantly from another’s. Every label establishes its own grade specifications for each size, and it differs based on the fit model and the brand’s image. We collaborate with you to ensure that your brand’s sizing structure is in line with your vision and target consumer.



After you approve a design, we construct a prototype. The prototype is the home stretch toward a final product and is used to evaluate fit, style, functionality, and production costs. 

Creative Capital Design’s prototype evaluation includes wear testing on models, athletes, and consumers. If we’re assessing a running pant, it will undergo strenuous field tests to ensure that it can withstand squats and sprints, that it is comfortable and breathable. We rigorously put it through focus groups to make certain that consumers are getting what they want, in terms of how it looks, feels and functions. The prototype phase allows people to touch and wear your product and thus gives us an opportunity to see if it needs any refinement, any final tweaks, before it goes into production.

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Is it time to rethink and update the fit of your line? Do you receive more criticisms than compliments regarding how your products fit? If so, your brand may well be in need of an outside perspective, a fit overhaul. 

Creative Capital Design offers a fit overhaul as a one-time service for those companies struggling to perfect their product’s fit. Our technical designers will come in, perform an evaluation, and then build a new block of patterns that your line can then be built around. This process will be focused on fit, rather than design. 

The precise fit can be a brand’s secret weapon. It can increase consumer loyalty, reduce returns, and eliminate flops, a key to financial success. You get one chance with a consumer and you need to get it right.