Mina Sundell Crowder


Mina Sundell Crowder is a Norwegian designer, content producer, storyteller and environmentalist, enthusiastic about the activewear and outdoor apparel industry and lifestyle. Mina has received her AD in Film Production from Noroff Institute in Norway and her BFA in Fashion Marketing with a Sustainability Minor from The Art Institute of Portland. With a childhood dream in mind, Sundell sought out adventure – and moved to the United States in 2012. Mina is is passionate about sustainability. She finds inspiration from poets like William R. Yeast and Søren Kierkegaard; her Norwegian law-of-Jante upbringing and the love for nature, which have influenced the way she designs and creates her stories through the camera lens. Mina’s experience comes from years working in retail as well as a content producer, creative director, stylist, photographer and videographer in various creative fields.