Textile Prints

Textile prints: fashion’s visual feast. Whether they are quiet and minimalistic or steroid-stoked motifs, prints are the best way to personalize a collection. Prints define and enhance the silhouette, giving it form, dimensionality, volume, and energy. Prints are also the connective tissue between different places, styles, and centuries of fashion. 

Our textile patterns are designed with a dedication to beauty and artistry, distinguished by simplicity, color and originality. We endeavor to create prints that bring joy to those who wear them.


Concept & Theme Building

A concept is the central piece in the design process. It is the basic framework for the collection and provides direction for all creative decisions. Once the concept is established, we build a theme for the collection. Garnering inspiration from everything – whether it be a period of time, a faraway place, a piece of art, a person - the theme represents the mood and ties all the pieces together.


Color Palettes

Living in the Pacific Northwest, with 191 days of rain last year, we appreciate the mood-lifting effect of wearing a vivid pop of color. Colors can provoke intense emotions, even visceral responses, and the association of a hue often means more than the actual visual experience we get from it. 

In fashion, the power of color is so compelling that it’s often referred to as the silent salesperson. Because there is a seemingly infinite array of colors, selecting that spot-on combination of tones becomes part art and part soft science. As designers, we apply trend analysis, research, color theory, and intuition to carefully and intentionally build a color palette. This palette will ultimately play a vital factor in the marketability and success of your line.


Concept Illustrations

The fashion designer in us falls in love with a concept for artistic reasons. The technical designer in us looks at the concept in a less emotional way, making certain it will be functional and finding solutions for any technical issues. With our head and our heart, we transform your concept into a production-friendly design. 


Materials Selection

Exquisitely hand-woven tweed, the iconic cornerstone of every Chanel collection, illustrates how fabric brings a design to life. Fabric, an extension of the wearer’s skin, is where every garment begins. It is the foundation of fashion. In our search for the “just-right” woven treasure, we journey to faraway lands and navigate the world of textile mills and factories. Through our decades in the business, we have built relationships with suppliers from all over the globe and, thus, assembled an extensive library of resources. We attend trade shows and collaborate with sourcing agents.

We develop a fabric sourcing strategy to successfully meet production demands, quality expectations, and delivery timelines. We engage in performance testing to ensure that the fabric will meet consumer needs. And as sustainability and ethical policy have become increasingly important to consumers and ourselves, we work to align with sustainable supply chains and support the industry’s increased demand for transparency.



Our focus here is coordinating the color story of your collection and how all the pieces will work together. As merchandisers, we need to analytically understand where you are going in terms of the breadth of the collection, style-wise and color-wise, and in terms of numbers. We balance key sellouts, colors and categorizations. We need to envision how the collection will look in a retail space - brick and mortar being the touchstone for the consumer - and how pieces will merchandise together. Mapping out, for each season, your colors, styles, and deliveries, our conceptual scope is ever-shifting and always innovative.