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Color & Trend

Speculative sartorialism. As designers, our first step is to study cultural influences from around the globe. Social trends and movements – including street fashion, music, food, art, people, technology - set a backdrop as to how fashion will develop and how people will want to dress 18-24 months from now. Color forecasting uses these trend findings, taking the mood, outlook, and attitude of tomorrow, to formulate directional color palettes for designing upcoming collections.

We combine meticulous research, intuition, and years of experience to design what will emotionally motivate consumers when your line/product is ready to drop. On the pathway from culture to successful product, Creative Capital Design turns potential trends of the future into a valuable commodity.


Innovation Roadmap

If a label wishes to add more innovation into their line, we need a plan to build in that innovation. Scholarly approaches to fashion are becoming more analytical, and we’ve become experts in creating such plans. Referred to as roadmapping, this is an indispensable front-end process. 

An innovation roadmap is the strategy to evolve or modernize your brand. For example, say your label wishes to add laser cutting into production. Innovation takes time to develop, so we construct a roadmap to lead you thoughtfully in the right direction, helping you select the correct detours if needed to get back on track. Input and collaboration with the disciplines of product research, development, and technology determine market and consumer needs so we are able to incorporate the right innovations at the right time.


Brand Audit & Discovery

Where do I stand? It’s a simple, frequently asked question. A brand audit will give you the answers you need. A brand audit evaluates where your brand stands in its current state. This valuation is the first step in brand development. The audit will gauge how well your brand is doing against company objectives, outline its strengths, identify vulnerabilities and plan corrective strategies. It includes a wide look at the brand both internally (positioning, values, culture, essence), externally (advertising, website, SEO, social media), and systemically (corporate identity, HR policies, internal systems). Action items will be outlined in timeline form, with expected results, followed by a diligent monitoring of progress.