If we had employee badges with badge numbers, Ruby would be #3.  She was at ground zero of the birth of CCD and played an integral part in growing, developing, and just do-ing whatever it took to help launch this business and nurture it through it's first year and a half.  

During that time, "Rubyisms" have infiltrated the everyday vernacular of this office..."Comin' in hot" being my personal favorite.  Which always inspired a vision of a be-sequined designer skidding into the room, designs gripped in hand, followed shortly thereafter by a "But...why?".

But like all smart young women of a certain age, when an opportunity to move to Barcelona for a few months presented itself, she didn't hesitate (the only downside to this being that she wouldn't take all of us with her).   And while she is not here physically, she continues to contribute immensely (albeit from fabulous cafes and tapas bars) to the day-to-day functioning of the business, allowing CCD to proudly join the ranks as a truly global brand.  In the coming weeks, we'll be sure to feature blog posts straight from the source highlighting the sights, sounds, and smells of her newly adopted city.  Post Barcelona, she'll be taking her show, and our satellite office, on the road to yet another fabulous seaside town of Monterey!

So this isn't as much an "adios" to Ruby, but an homage to her commitment and passion she shared with all of us while she was physically here.  And so from our collective hearts to yours, thank you Ruby.