I had never been to a trade show of any kind before attending Barcelona's Premiere Vision Denim show November 19th and 20th.  And in order to keep my focus, I wanted to think of an angle to take it all in...what lens could I look through while I wandered through these booths?  Naturally activewear came to mind and I thought that would be an interesting concept: active denim.  So here we go...

Image 1.jpg

My first impression was the spectacle of it all.  Each booth had it's own atmosphere and architecture which was really fun to look at but almost visually overwhelming.  One display was all distressed denim, next to a super techy booth with a denim weaving robot machine, next to a booth with a guy doing tricks on a BMX bike.  It was like a weird denim circus.  

My hunt for active denim turned out to not be a hunt at all.  It was just there...including roller-skating and yoga in the water (I'm really not kidding).  ORTA anadolu is a Turkish weaving company and they were pushing their active denim called Corepower at the Denim by PV show. They had roller skaters on a pedestal and I managed to capture this fancy video...

I was able to get my hands on some of this active denim, and to the touch it was great.  It certainly didn't feel like the Levi's I was was soft and stretchy with great stretch recovery, things I would expect from any activewear fabric.  Their DFine fabric advertises moisture management but I would want to test that myself (anyone who has ever been soaking wet in jeans can vouch for that).

On another note, I guess we should all be on the lookout for the return of the rollerskate...

Roll on my friends, Roll on.


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