SNOW PEAK or Just What The Doctor Ordered

A few of us took a retail walk-about last Friday to clear our heads and get out from behind blurry electronic visions of style sheets and color palettes.  

There's no shortage of manicured and inspiring retail in these parts, but one store hit the sweet spot we didn't even know we were looking for.  If you haven't been to snow peak, get thee there post-haste.  A well established Japanese brand that celebrates the outdoor lifestyle and love of the natural world, their Portland location also happens to be their North American flagship store.  And as only the Japanese can, it is a collection of product and apparel that is simply, beautifully and intentionally designed, constructed, curated and displayed.   

It made us want to pack up the kids, the dogs and the whole store full of product and head for the hills.  *Regardless of the fact that the dreamy and well designed vision in our heads would fall faaaaar short of the reality of camping with kids.

(And in case you're still left wanting more, we've thrown in a gratuitous shot of a wet dog and Rebecca's "dream car" to sweeten the deal)