Inspired By Women

There are so many incredibly inspiring, strong, smart, funny women in my life, I've lost track of the number of ways I can (and do) give thanks to them all.   In this office alone, there are three other woman who serve as a daily reminder of how lucky we all are that we get to do what we love alongside a small tribe of fabulous women.    

So needless to say, this #inspiredbywomen campaign launched by MoroccanOil really struck a chord.  If you look beyond their PR photos highlighting glossy hair and flawless skin, you will see women who were deeply moved and equally inspired to "be the change" in a number of ways.  Their stories and smarts and passion are incredible (and may require a tissue or two).   

And Threads For Teens is one organization that's making a difference within the apparel industry.  Think what you want about the world of fashion, but for young women stuck in the system, clothes that fit, let alone clothes that look great and in return, help boost their self esteem, can be life altering during a time when so many other aspects of their lives are in painful turmoil.

So we've now added Allyson to the long list of women who inspire us.  Who inspires you?