2015: To Resolute Or Not To Resolute

As we look back on 2014 with immense gratitude for each and every one of our people and beloved clients, we also greatly anticipate all that's shiny and new about 2015.  And though we have no formal process for setting New Year's Resolutions on behalf of CCD, we can't help but take pause as we cross the threshold into 2015 and let our minds wander into the great "what if" scenarios that are presented via the blank slate stretched ahead of us.

So while we ponder the direction(s) of our future, or at least the next 359 days, here's a great compilation of resolutions (and thoughts on resolutions) from across the global design industry, compliments of The Nu School.

Even if it's as simple as 'No, I don't want this future, I want that one. Yes.' (Mushon Zer-Aviv / Shual)...there's no time like the present.