One of CCD's biggest design crushes is Hermès.  Their elegance and appreciation for craftsmanship is unparalleled, not to mention their endearing and playful visual identity.  The Hermes store at 17 rue de Sèvres is where it all began so, when in Paris..... 

The Hermes windows were obviously reflective of the holiday theme and I have no doubt that "petit h" was behind the displays as they featured individual chandelier crystals hanging in a grid to make a Christmas tree as well as Hermès scarves repurposed as bows and wrapping paper.  The second window was a tree made from old Hermès eau de cologne bottles!  ("petit h", which is like the little sister to Hermès, takes all the leftovers and scraps from the Hermès ateliers and make one-of-a-kind treasures, some wearable, others not...there is a great video about their process here). 

Inside the store, the large open space is made more intimate with massive wooden sculptures that make smaller rooms, each displaying their own wares. The floor was a mosaic tile and the lighting made everyone look beautiful.

And instead of your usual "Do no touch sign", they had, embossed in leather no less, "Merci de toucher avec les yeux" which means "Please touch only with your eyes".

The store was filled with treasures of the finest quality and the staff was friendly, even though they knew I wasn't going to buy anything (yet!)

Joyeux Noel!