The Color Of Travel

As you may have gathered by now, we believe 1,000% that the benefits of travel to the creative brain far outweigh the crush of email awaiting our return.  And as anyone who has been can attest, the experience of traveling in Italy ranks up there amongst the best of the best.  The food, oh the food...the people...the culture...the rich history...all serve as an absolute treasure for the senses.

In my travels throughout my grown up life, I've enjoyed capturing the color palette of each destination.  And Italy is absolutely no exception (where I recently traveled to with my mom and seven year old daughter, an unforgettable experience in and of itself).  The warm, earthy, sandstone tones of Florence, the sun bleached pastels of Cinque Terre, and vivid blues of the Mediterranean...all seem to capture a mood that absolutely defines the experience of being there. 

And upon coming home again, in my looking back through photos of these places, the colors help in providing a creative place to tap into when I'm stuck in my routine and my seeing.  In addition to a nostalgic longing to return.

italy-andrea lonas photography-3441.jpg