We have been couturiers since childhood. Grew up in the theater, where costumes were as captivating as the players on stage. Today we are designers, engineers, scientists, and fashionistas, who work to elevate athletic apparel to a level of technical artistry. At Creative Capital Design, we make fresh, relevant performance wear, backed by years of industry expertise and unparalleled client service. 

We design for you. We never forget that you will move and live in our pieces. So, we travel across oceans to see, feel, and drape ourselves in the fabrics that will someday touch you. We immerse ourselves in the chemistry of skin science and the physics of body movement so we can construct clothing to make you feel lighter and faster. Because when you feel good about what you are wearing, you feel confident about what you are doing. We spent our last two decades designing for the most respected athletic companies in the world. Your favorite running shoes, that go-to jacket – we’ve likely fashioned those in our previous lives.

As founders of Creative Capital Design, we are, at our core, friends who know we are better together. Our success is largely a product of those who mentored, encouraged, and inspired us along the way. We continue to be buoyed up by the enthusiasm and energy, imagination and intelligence, of those around us. Now it’s our turn to share our knowledge and resources with the industry that has treated us so well. We developed Inside Fashion Design, a behind the scenes look into the world of apparel design. A site dedicated to first-year students, emerging designers and industry leaders alike. It’s a place to teach and to learn. A place to bring everyone into the conversation and celebrate what we all love to do. 

To see whats happening behind the scenes, check out www.insidefashiondesign.net